The Voice

Posted: March 26, 2012 in Music
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When I read the concept behind the new BBC show “The Voice” I had high hopes that this would be the anti-X Factor and would therefore be exactly what the music industry needs to get it back on track. So I tuned in on Saturday evening hoping that this would be a step in the right direction for reality T.V……….I shouldn’t have bothered.

The show allows acts to be judged on their voice alone. The BBC bills this aspect of the show as if it is something unique and a new way of thinking. Judging people on their talent alone is a really crazy and a new way of doing things…….oh no, wait….it’s what used to happen and what should have continued to happen all along!!!!

“The Voice” has so much potential. Of course artists should be judged on their talent alone and having mentors hone their talents and progress them is always a good idea. I also like the idea that if more than one judge wishes to mentor them then the artist is allowed to make the decision themselves as to who they go with (it is their career after all).

Sadly the potential of this programme has been wasted and turned into the X Factor but with some minor alterations.

I was disappointed by, Tom Jones, Jessie J and Danny from The Script as the choices for the programme’s mentors. No one can dispute that Tom Jones has had a fantastic career and had a great voice in the past but he hasn’t achieved much in the last 10 years at least. Danny from The Script is a man who possesses no talent, but yet he is judging a talent competition (that’s like a member of N-Dubz judging a talent competition……….oh).

Jessie J is by far the best of the lot. She writes her own stuff and is a very good singer, my only criticism would be that her career has only just started and has been very short so I’m not sure how much she can offer as a mentor.

Finally we come to (or as I like to call him). I’m not convinced he has any talent of his own and listening to him was so annoying that I would rather straddle a porcupine….naked…. than listen to him constantly boasting!

My main disappointment with “The Voice” was that the majority of the contestants picked to audition in front of the judges were contestants that would have been at home in the first few live shows of the X Factor. The first act was a young girl who had taken a Jessie J song and done her own acoustic version of it. This impressed me as she had shown some creativity but the contestants all went downhill from there.

The only positive I took from the show was the woman who suffered with alopecia selecting Jessie J as her mentor. This woman was clearly a very good singer and had this been the X Factor she wouldn’t have got anywhere on account of her condition and because she was older than 25.

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