I am just a man who likes to praise the things I find joy in, and shoot down the things I find annoying. I welcome any feedback/ comments. I just hope people find this entertaining and interesting. I hope my passion comes across and I also hope people may even find my ramblings funny in places.

  1. Hey MGTHB,

    We’re a band called Dead Social Club and we’d love to get a review of our latest single if possible? We’re a six piece alt-indie band based in London (UK) and we formed in late 2009 – previous magazine and blog reviews of our music have compared our sound to The Cure and Depeche Mode. Here’s a link to a streaming version of our latest single “Stockholm”:

    http://deadsocialclub.bandcamp.com/track/stockholm – it’s available as a free download.

    If you think our sound fits for your writers\site; here is our press kit with loads of useful information (press reviews, discography, pictures etc):


    We’re doing ok at the moment; we’ve had airplay on BBC 6 Introducing, BBC London and Absolute radio (a few plays) in the UK, and we appear regularly on student, local and internet radio, we also have good links with stations in Canada and the US, as well as further afield. We’ve played at the London Scala as main live support to a Bloc Party DJ set and played a few festivals last year in the UK and Holland (Conincx Pop Festival a highlight) with bands including The Boxer Rebellion and The Crookes.

    …..since then we’ve played some great headline shows in London (at the UK Burning Man Party and Oxjam Brick Lane Music Festival for example) and plan to really hit the summer festival season hard during 2012, as well as heading into the studio with a small independent label to release a more heavily backed single in May 2012.

    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon – let us know any feedback, good or bad of course 🙂

    All the best


    Some further info:

    “A fantastic track from the South London band”
    Tom Robinson, BBC6 Introducing

    “There’s a bit of Franz in there, and there’s The Rakes hanging around the periphery too. Love the keys. Great little indie track, destined for a goal of the month competition montage”
    Pete Donaldson, Absolute Radio

    “There’s certainly a vague hint of a less doom laden Depeche Mode in the vocal delivery combined with a dash of 80′s post punk, yet they manage to make it sound fresh and vital with big chorus’s that stay on the right side of epic without ever sounding over blown”

    The VPME, http://www.vonpipmusicalexpress.wordpress.com

    “Dead Social Club are more alive than their name suggests. This band comes highly recommended”
    Ronnie McCluskey, http://www.live4ever.uk.com

    “Let Love Die: Electronica track with a new wave feel. Very impressively put together – the chorus is particularly strong and memorable”
    Sarah Champion, Absolute Radio

    “Dead Social Club have songs I love, play on the show and talk about often”
    Taro O, Best in British Music Show (Canada)

  2. Cool, thanks! Just via Google. You’re out there. Paul

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